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#TOPTalks with Laura Baldwin

initially posted on 23 October, 2018

To celebrate brilliant second run of EUGENIUS! at The Other Palace, we spoke with leading lady Janey played by, Laura Baldwin, (whose other credits include, Waitress, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Shrek), about her love for and experiences in musical theatre.

From @SusanneE2016 & Beth.Powell: Are there any similarities between you and Janey? What part of Janey’s personality will you take with you and apply in your own life?

Laura: Oh my goodness, there are so many. I’m basically playing a heightened version of myself! We are both dreamers, romantic and silly, and of course I’m a massive G.E.E.K. I would apply Janey’s confidence to my own life. She is so head strong and just totally unafraid to be herself. I love that about her, and it’s a joy to play someone like that every night.

From ShannonOliviaax: What is your favourite song or scene in EUGENIUS! that you aren’t in?

Laura: It HAS to be the song, Hands Up. Partly because we (the cast) are all dancing along to it backstage, but also because it’s just epic and Emily sounds amazing!

From Stephanienicholls8 & Littlediz95: How did you get into musical theatre and what do you love most about it? When did you know for certain you wanted to work in theatre?

Laura: I knew this was my career path from a very young age, it’s like there wasn’t another option for me. I tell this story every time, but I was in the Joseph Choir when I was little and I just remember being in awe of the cast and I loved being a part of the show. That feeling grew and it became my passion. I love that theatre is like a community, it genuinely feels like home and I’m content within it.


From Saraherincrowley: What is your dream role to play in the West End and why?

Laura: I would love to play Bonnie, in Bonnie and Clyde. I listen to the soundtrack on repeat and just think the score is beautiful. She’s also quite a complex character and I would be so excited to tap into that.

From @MikeyPB: What is your best piece of advice for performers starting out in theatre and going to auditions? Do you have any audition wins/fails you can share?

Laura: My advice is be prepared for your auditions, go in there show them what you’ve got and then let it go. ALWAYS treat yourself after.

Constantly work on your craft, and do everything you can to be comfortable in your own skin. I also think it’s so important to have wonderful friends around you, who are supportive and make you laugh – Like everyone in the cast of Eugenius!