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The Night Our Parents Disappeared

12 September 2022 19:00
Tickets from £16.00
Running time 1 hour
Age recommendation 8+
Trigger warnings n/a



Sorry this event has already happened.

Jaz’ parents have vanished. Now, with the help of teenage inventor Melanie, she must work out where they’ve gone and how to get them back.

And what’s going on with those ninja teddy bears. 

And who they really work for. 

And how she ended up in the middle of a plot for world domination.

And how to get out of this mess.


This is a completely bonkers musical adventure for childish grown-ups and grown-up children – the epic lovechild of The Powerpuff Girls and Rick and Morty.

Follow Jaz, Melanie, and a host of ludicrous sidekicks to learn how the planet was almost changed forever. 

Described as “deft and daft”, “taut, witty, sharp and dextrous”, and “therapist fodder”, this new British musical is hurtling back to The Other Palace Studio after a sell-out presentation in the Spring.

Catch it before it’s gone again – but for goodness’ sake, keep an eye on the teddy bears.

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