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9 March 2018

Musical Bites


In association with Mercury Musical Developments, Musical Bites is a tasting menu of four exciting new musicals in development. Audiences will be presented with 15 minutes of each piece - getting a bite of these musicals by inspiring new writers.

Throughout the evening, audiences will be invited to provide their feedback on each musical taster with our innovative feedback app, We are now accepting submissions for our next Musical Bites in May 2018. The deadline for submissions to be received is Friday 9 March.

In order for your show to be considered for Musical Bites it must fit the following criteria: 

- Shows must be complete (please do not submit if the show isn't finished)
- Shows may have been workshopped but should not have had a fully staged production
- Writing teams must be available from 8-12 May 2018

Please provide the following material: 

- 10-12 pages of the show (continuous); ideally, the selection should contain two or more songs
- Recordings of the songs includes in the show pages (scratch recordings by the writers is fine, but it should have the vocal line sung, not just be instrumental)
-  A short (approx. 100 words) description of the show

To be considered for our next Musical Bites, please submit your musical by clicking below: