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Our mission

Discovering, developing and reimagining musical theatre is at the heart of The Other Palace. We’re passionate about theatre and want our spaces to encourage and nurture the next generation of theatre-makers and musicals. Alongside our programme of fully produced work we will be opening the doors to the development process with a range of initiatives, from connecting theatre-makers to staging workshop performances.

Our mission is

  • To be a platform to discover, develop and promote musicals from within the UK and beyond.
  • A home where we can break rules and work is encouraged to be exhaustively tried out.
  • To be a safe destination for theatre makers and existing musical theatre initiatives to work and play free from pressure.
  • To develop an audience for new musicals in the UK by placing the audience at the core of the development process.

Development Process

We meet regularly to discuss and listen to all submissions and if we feel that The Other Palace could support your project we will be in touch to discuss this further.

Submission Form

Please use the following link to submit any works to The Other Palace. For submissions to be considered by the team we require the following information.

  • A short synopsis
  • The journey of the show to date
  • Two contrasting songs that best show off your piece
  • Your creative team if you have one in place

If you have any questions about the form and your submitted material please contact