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Who we are

We opened our doors in February 2017 as a home for musical theatre. Discovering, developing and reimagining musical theatre is at the heart of what The Other Palace is about. We’re passionate about theatre and want our spaces to encourage and nurture the next generation of theatre-makers and musicals.

Our Theatre space offers a programme of full productions, work in progress productions and festivals of new work. Whilst our studio by day will be available for composers, librettists, lyricists, directors and choreographers to discover and create new material. By night the Studio offers a diverse programme including cabaret, music, musical theatre and comedy.

Our third space, our bar, as well as serving drinks will be a space is used for open mic nights, networking events and events.

Alongside our programme of fully produced work our initiatives open the doors to the development process, from connecting theatre-makers to staging workshop performances.

Our mission is

  • To be a platform to discover, develop and promote musicals from within the UK and beyond.
  • A home where we can break rules and work is encouraged to be exhaustively tried out.
  • To be a safe destination for theatre makers and existing musical theatre initiatives to work and play free from pressure.
  • To develop an audience for new musicals in the UK by placing the audience at the core of the development process.